GATE Program

Our 2019 Gate Family Night is August 28! (6 pm - 7:30 pm. with check-in at 5:45)

Dr. Kid is ready to take your family on a structural journey through the systems of the human body to demonstrate how these systems work to keep us healthy and strong. From musculoskeletal to circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems, this activity packed event will teach you the basics of Anatomy. Families will also participate in dissections and discover the wonders of the functions and systems of our animal friends. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity for the whole family! Click on the link below to print the RSVP!

Dr. Kid_Parent Night_RSVP2019

Due to the nature of the interactive, rotating activities, please make sure to provide the number of people attending so that we may create the groups. We look forward to seeing you there!

Schedules and course offerings for our Gateway to Learning program have been finalized and distributed to the students. Our teachers have amazing classes to offer. Please make sure your preferences are filled to their entirety and that all slips are submitted NO LATER THAN August 30, 2019 at 3:45  p.m. 

The EIS GATEway to Learning program is an enhanced after-school program that offers GATE students learning opportunities that go beyond the differentiated classroom experience.  Classes are developed fully integrating a theme that culminates in a year-end field trip.  The theme for 2019-20 focuses on the biological sciences, and culminates with a trip to the Ocean Institute at Dana Point, where students will conduct experiments both on and off the land. It’s really an amazing trip!

Under the sub pages attached to this page, you'll find pertinent information regarding our GATEway to Learning Program, as well as fliers, schedules, and other reference materials. 


Your GATE Coordinators are:


Administration:  Dr. Davids


6th Grade: Mrs. Burke


7th Grade: Mrs. Gionet


8th Grade: Mrs. O'Hara

**Note:  GATE programs are NOT funded by the state.  PLEASE help us keep our GATE program alive by making a donation. Attach cash or check donation to the enrollment form, or donate via EZ School Pay. We appreciate your generosity! Proceeds go toward session supplies and field trips. Some classes may ask for a voluntary donation to offset material costs, but no child will be prohibited from attending a session based on cost. A $20 donation is suggested, but any amount received will be gratefully appreciated**



District Office Resources:

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