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Students access my  homework and any extra materials needed using my google classroom sites.  If you do not have access to my google classroom sites, the codes are in Aeries.  You will need to click "join a class" and enter the code. You must be signed in with your school google account.  Parents if you would like to be included as a guardian, please e-mail me at joshua_webster@etiwanda.org and Google will e-mail you an invitation e-mail.  After you accept the invitation e-mail, you will receive daily or weekly summaries (your choice) of work assigned.  Since we are in class and not turning in work through google classroom, please continue to refer to Aeries for work turned in and grades.  In google classroom, students mark an assignment turned in if they are done.  An assignment that is marked "turned in" in Google classroom has been marked "turned in" by the student.  This does not mean it has been graded or actually turned in.  If a student is missing a graded assignment in Aeries and they are sure they completed it, they may e-mail or speak to me at school and we will resolve the issue. Parents may e-mail or call as well.