Mrs. Zollinger

Dear Parents,
I hope that you are all doing well given the strange circumstances we are facing.  As you know, our school will be closed for the next few weeks.  I plan to set up "Distance Learning" activities for students during this time.  All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. There will be reading assignments, iReady lessons, and projects for Social Studies. I know that this is not a replacement for classroom instruction, but I hope these lessons will help your student to continue the progress that they have made this school year.

I hope you will encourage your student to participate in these lessons and stay engaged with learning during this time.  If you have any questions or if your student just wants to say hello, please feel free to email me.

Thank you,
Mrs. Zollinger

Google Classroom

Mrs. Zollinger’s Distance Learning Weekly Schedule

The Etiwanda School District provides virtual classroom lessons through the distance learning plan.  Please note that during virtual sessions there is no expectation of privacy, students and anything in their background will be in view of the class. Those who prefer not to have their image shown may elect to turn off the video camera during the virtual session.


Zoom Links and Passwords
for each day’s sessions are posted on
Google Classroom.  

For security reasons, the links are changed each day.

Monday - Class check-in, New Vocabulary for the week, Questions?

This session usually lasts about 20 minutes

10:00am - Homeroom

11:00am - Switch

Tuesday - No scheduled class meetings.  However, meetings are available upon request if you email Mrs. Zollinger.  This time is used for completing assignments and working on iReady (which should take 20 minutes a day).

Wednesday - Language Arts Lesson with a short Social Studies lesson and assignment

This session is usually 45 minutes

10:00am - Homeroom

11:00am - Switch

Thursday - Language Arts Lesson with a short Social Studies discussion and Breakout Rooms

This session is usually 45 minutes

10:00am - Homeroom

11:00am Switch

Friday - Fun Friday activities will trade off between Mrs. Zollinger and Ms. Magee 

10:00am - Both Classes

Mrs. Zollinger’s Office hours are M, W, Th from 12:00 - 12:30pm

Mrs. Richardson is available every day at 1:00 for the Annex Learning.