B.O.B. Information

Below is the letter sent home to students who are interested in participating in B.O.B. (Battle of the Books)

Battle of the Books 6th-8th Grade Rules for Participation

            Thank you for choosing to become a member of Etiwanda Intermediate School’s Battle of the Books Club.  The reading of good literature from different genres, the practice of good sportsmanship, the development of leadership skills, and just plain FUN are some of the many benefits you will gain with your participation in BOB.  We have planned three mandatory meetings that will take place prior to the District Competition. 

We are here to encourage and cheer for your reading success only; therefore it is your responsibility to meet the requirements of the number of books read and to attend all meetings.  If you do not meet the requirements by the deadlines you will not be allowed to attend the meetings, celebrations or the District Competition. We have provided a list of the 2019-2020 BOB titles on a chart to help you keep track of your success.  You are responsible for recording the BOB books you have read and tested on in your BOB folder in the library. It is important to know who wants to participate in Battle of the Books.  Please return the below contract by Wednesday, August 21st to Mrs. Valenzuela in the Etiwanda Intermediate School Library. 

We are looking forward to getting to know you and to a rewarding year of reading.  Should you have any questions regarding involvement in Etiwanda Intermediate School’s Battle of the Books, you may contact the advisor, Mrs. Valenzuela 909-899-1701.   Thank you and HAPPY READING!

**************CUT AND KEEP TOP PORTION***********

Battle of the Books Contract
        We, the undersigned, understand the requirements for participating in
Etiwanda Intermediate School’s Battle of the Books.
We acknowledge the receipt of the book titles, rules, and mandatory meeting dates. 

Student’s name (Print first and last name) _________________________________

Student’s Teacher for the 2019-2020 school year ________________________

Student’s signature _______________________________________________

 Parent’s signature ________________________________________________

Food Sensitivities: ____________________________________________________________________________

Check all that apply:
I am willing to donate treats for celebrations.   I would like to volunteer to help with BOB.


(Email will be used for Battle of the Books related activities only.)


BOB Deadlines

6th- 8th Grade

A minimum of 20 titles need to be read and AR tested this school year.  All BOB mandatory meetings/parties are on the day after the deadline dates. A list of eligible students will be posted in the library on the day of the meeting.  Do not come to the meeting if you have not read the required amount of books by the deadline date.  Remember, while we value your participation in BOB, you alone are responsible for meeting the deadlines.  Should you have any questions, please speak to Mrs. Valenzuela, Battle of the Book advisor. 


Week of August 12th

**BOB information shared at Library Orientation



Wednesday, August 21st

Signed BOB Contract Due—return it to the library



Friday, October 18TH

Deadline: 7 books read and tested by 2:30PM

Thursday, October 24th

**BOB meeting and BOB celebration at UA time in the library



Friday, January 24th

Deadline: 14 books read and tested by 2:30PM

Tuesday, January 28TH

**BOB meeting and BOB celebration at UA time in the library



Friday, April 17th


Deadline: Minimum of 20 books read and tested by 2:30PM

Friday, April 24TH

**BOB meeting and BOB Celebration at UA time in the library.



Saturday, May 2nd

Etiwanda School District Battle of the Books!




 A note to BOB Parents:


Thank you for your encouragement of such a great program in the Etiwanda School District. Battle of the Books is a program practiced in various school districts around the United States.  Etiwanda School District has been participating in this great program since 2008 and it has been supported and attended by thousands of ESD students, parents and staff!


Why should you Donate?

Students are participating in this program without promise of a grade. A wonderful way to encourage continued participation is to reward a student once he/she has met their goal. Treats and parties are a perfect reward! Donations are incredibly appreciated. A simple one-time donation of a bag of candy, fun goodies, or party food will help Etiwanda Intermediate Library to keep your student excited about our BOB program.


Why should you Volunteer?

Volunteering at the BOB goal parties and Battle of the Books is an incredible way to congratulate your student on a job well done. The recognition of making their reading goal is made more special when a parent is there to witness. It is also very helpful to the library staff to have parent participation whether it is scooping ice cream or keeping time at the big battle!


Please consider either donating or volunteering for this wonderful program. Donations may be sent with students to the library. Throughout the year volunteer opportunities will be announced via email.


Thank you!

Mrs. Valenzuela


Etiwanda Intermediate School