Virtual Classroom Agreement

Virtual Classroom Agreement


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The Virtual Classroom Model is a highly structured instructional model that is different from the “distance learning model” that was rapidly put in place as a result of school closure last March.  The Virtual Classroom Model will be primarily conducted online, with all content areas taught and traditional grading implemented.

I understand that the Virtual Classroom Model is contingent on the following participation agreements:

 1. Families may select the Virtual Classroom Model for the first trimester of school.  Families may remain in the virtual classroom for the remainder of the year or transition to the Hybrid Model or Homeschool Model at the trimester periods.  

 2.  Parents or/other responsible adults act as the learning coach at home by creating a workspace for the student that is free of distractions, establishing a weekly schedule for online course work access, and monitoring attendance and course work completion.  As a parent, you do not need to provide daily instruction; however, you may need to initially support the child in navigating Google Classroom or support your child as they complete independent study.

 3. Students will be on time for virtual classroom, prepared for learning with the appropriate materials, dressed for school, and online with video on and mic muted.  Weekly Check-in meetings will provide opportunities for students to ask questions about preparation and planning.

 4. Attendance in virtual class meetings is not optional.  Students should only miss virtual class if they are ill and “absent” from school.

 5. Students and families will monitor student progress in the virtual classroom weekly through Google Classroom feedback and Aeries gradebook.  Grades will be based on virtual classroom participation and assignments and independent study follow-up activities.

Please initial each of the agreements above and sign below to acknowledge the program requirements for participation in the Etiwanda Virtual Classroom Model.

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