PicThe following questions are frequently asked each year:

How much are PE clothes?

An entire set of PE clothes is sold for $25. The shorts are $15. The shirt is $10. A lock will be provided at no expense. However, if the lock is lost, damaged, or misplaced students will be required to replace it. Locks can be purchased from the school for $5. Students may also purchase a cinch sack to carry their PE clothes for $5.

How can I purchase PE clothes?

PE clothes may be purchased from the school office during regular school hours. PE clothes can also be purchased from www.EZschoolpay.com at anytime.

Will there be afterschool sports this year?

We have an outstanding intramural afterschool sports program. All students are encouraged to participate. Permission slips go out to students the week before a sport begins.

Can my student bring their own sports equipment (ie basketball, soccer ball, etc) to school?

We provide all the necessary sports equipment for all of our activities. We ask that all personal equipment be left at home.

Can my student bring their own PE clothes?

Yes. Students may bring their own plain gray shirt and plain black shorts with no additional artwork or markings. The closer they look to the school issued clothes the better.  The clothes must have the student's name written clearly on the front and back of the shirt. Our school will provide all students with the supplies they need for instruction.

Can my student wear sweats?

Yes. The school offers sweatshirts ($25) and sweatpants ($20) with the school emblem which can be worn at PE. Students may wear their own sweatshirt or sweatpants over their regular PE clothes so long as the sweatshirt and/or sweatpants meet the school district's dress code requirements. Specifically, leggings or tights are not allowed per the district's restriction of excessively tight clothing. Please refer to your Student Binder Dress Code information found on page 12 of the Binder Reminder.
How do I get the EIS PE App? We have a wonderful PE app that we use regularly. Click here to see the app.