Physical Fitness Testing

Fitness Gram Tests

The State Board of Education designated the FITNESSGRAM® as the Phyiscal Fitness Test (PFT) for students in California public schools to assist students in establishing lifetime habits of regular physical activity. All school districts in California are required to administer the PFT annually to students in grades five, seven, and nine.

The FITNESSGRAM® is designed to assess six key fitness areas that represent three broad components of fitness: (1) aerobic capacity, (2) body composition, and (3) muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. The third component is further divided into four areas: abdominal strength and endurance, trunk extensor strength and flexibility, upper body strength and endurance, and flexibility. The Fitness Gram Test is given 3 times each year.


Sit & Reach

Shoulder Stretch

Muscular Strength

Push ups

Pull ups

Flexed-Arm Hang

Modified Pull ups

Muscular Endurance

Curl up

Trunk lift

Cardiorespiratory Endurance



Body Composition

BMI (Body Mass Index)