If you have a question that you believe would be an important addition to this 
page, please contact your child's assistant principal or the school principal 
through the the "Contact Us" page.

What time does school start? End? What about minimum days?

Regular School Hours: 8:00am - 2:30pm
Minimum Day School Hours 8:00am- 1:00pm

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Why won't the office contact my child's classroom when I leave something at the student window?

Etiwanda Intermediate students quickly learn to check the Student Window for 
forgotten lunches, band instruments, homework, signed permission 
slips, glasses or other home/school items. Morning announcements 
regularly remind students about this important procedure. If we 
called the classroom for each of these items, the classroom phone 
would interrupt instruction over and over all day. We appreciate 
your support in protecting our valuable learning time by 
encouraging your child to check the student window between 
classes or before lunch for forgotten items.

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Does my child need a cell phone for middle school?

Simply answered...no. Your child has access to classroom phones 
during the school day and an office phone during school hours. 
However, many of our students bring cell phones to school. If 
your child brings a cell phone to school, please remember that 
cell phone use is not allowed at school and phones should be be 
turned off during the school day and stored in pockets or bags. 
Cell phone use during the school day is subject progressive 
discipline and is not limited to texts or calls, it may include 
viewing images, checking messages, playing games, or other 
activities that cause the cell phone to be out of your child's 
pocket or bag and in use during the school day. Also please 
note, that lost or stolen cell phones are not the school's 

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Where is Lost and Found?

Lost and Found for all clothing items, including jackets, 
sweaters and bags is located by the custodial cage. Lost PE clothes are managed by the PE Staff and stored in 
the locker rooms. Valuable items, including jewelry, glasses, 
and electronics (phones and toys), are stored with in the office.

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My child is reluctant to report an incident. What should I do?

Please have your child report the incident to their assistant 
principal as soon as possible. Incident statement forms are 
available in the office at the student window and may be left for 
administrators during school hours. Most middle school students 
believe that if they tell an adult, the situation will get worse 
or that it will go away on its own. Unfortunately, that is not 
often the case. Your child's assistant principal will talk with 
your child, determine their level of comfort, and create a plan 
to work out the issues that often arise between teens. If your 
child is still reluctant to go to the office, please contact their
administrator to discuss your concerns and allow us to 
confidentially work on their behalf.

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Why are people passing out religious materials near the school? Are they allowed to do that?

Once or twice a year, a handful of missionaries from a local 
church visits the neighborhood and attempts to hand out religious 
literature. The laws prohibit them from distributing materials on 
school property, but since they are on public sidewalks they may 
distribute literature to the public. They are very respectful, and 
while I know it makes some students feel uncomfortable (and 
parents too), they do not block students from walking or say 
anything if the students decline the information. We also remind 
students during our morning announcements that they have the right 
to say “no, thank you” to anyone handing out materials or flyers 
on the street corners.

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