Before and After School Library

cartoon library building

Before School

Monday- Friday

7:30 am- 7:55am

After School

Tuesday- Thursday

2:30 pm- 3:30 pm

  • Before and after school the library provides students with a safe space for working on homework, reading, researching, and completing AR quizzes.

  • Students have access to textbooks, Chromebooks, and other resources

  • Parents are not required to be present for students to us the library before or after school

  • Students must be picked up no later than 3:30pm

Student Expectation

  • Be Safe. Respectful. Responsible

  • Respectful and courteous behavior is expected at all times

  • Respect the library space: Leave no trash and return books to carts

  • Use technology appropriately

  • Students are expected to be actively working on assignments, projects, or reading

Before/ After school library is a privilege, not a requirement. Parents will be contacted if their student has been warned more than once about disrespectful behavior or misuse of the library. After 3 warnings students may lose before/after school library privileges