Universal Access (UA)

The UA period adds an extended instructional period to the school day by where students are grouped based on standardized data, district assessments, common formative assessments, and classroom performance.

All students are grouped by academic target areas for UA classes. UA classes are designed to meet the unique academic needs of students by offering multiple levels of differentiated flexible classes. UA class changes may occur throughout the year as student levels of performance are realigned with the UA class that provides the best support.

UA academic support and instructional practices are developed with close attention to the needs of adolescent learners, district expectations, state frameworks, and current research. State data, local and site assessments, and classroom performance assist our staff in not only identifying students who need additional academic support for achieving proficiency, but also in the design, implementation, and monitoring of instruction for them.

Same amount of time as a core instructional period at school site


  • 4 days per week - Tuesday – Friday

  • Monday UA is reserved for social and emotional curriculum/programs, e.g. - Character Ed, PBIS, or preparing for student-led conferences.

Grouping of Students

  • Composite scores, provided by the District, will be used to place students in UA classes at the beginning of the school year.

  • Regrouping for UA may occur during the school year. Updated composite scores, provided by the District, will be used for regrouping.

Instructional Approaches
Instruction supports and aligns with the pacing and content of instruction in math and language arts core classes at the following minimum levels:

  • Advanced

  • On-level

  • Below

  • Intensive


  • Textbook resources and materials

  • Selected no-cost instructional resources outside of the textbook program

  • Supplemental programs may include:

  • Language! Live, Literary Resources, IXL, Buzzmath, and iReady